HeahlthMonitor 3.1 is an easy-to-use free monitoring tool for Window XP/2003. It uses plug-ins to monitor disk space, changes of file attributes, CPU load, memory free space, event log entries, and Windows services on the machine, where it is installed. It supports remote monitoring using ping and http. You can also write your own scripts to check the availability of a certain service.

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HealthMonitor can inform you by several means. It can use Windows notification service (net send), email, and SMS. For the latter option, you have to connect a modem to the computer. It is also possible to start a script for notification purposes.

There are three different types of notification rules. HealthMonitor can inform you constantly about the status for the monitored services. You can also configure a certain time interval when the tool sends notification messages.

HealthMonitor HealthMonitor logs all changes to a configurable log file or to a database system. It supports MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Access. It seems that future support of Oracle is planned since there already is an option for it in the configuration menu that is still grayed out, though.

HealthMonitor uses a strange way to save configuration changes. You have to close its interface, only then, will it ask if the changes should be saved and if its service should be restarted. I didn't find other ways to save the configuration. Only the plug-ins have their own save function.

I had some problems with HealthMonitior during my test. Sometimes it only accepted my configuration changes if I restarted its service manually. The http plug-in only logs status changes. It doesn't display it in the interface nor does it send any kind of notification messages. This plug-in is relatively new, so I hope that future versions will work better.

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HealthMonitor can't compete with expensive commercial monitoring solutions. But as a free tool, it is really nice. Since it is Open Source you could add your own plug-ins or add functions, if you have the time for it.

  1. Bob Dickens 16 years ago

    The new version (4.0) is really great and can compete with other commercial solution

  2. Thanks for the tip. I think I’ll review the new version soon.

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