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gpo_backup_template_editor GPOExIm is a simple tool used to tailor the existing settings in GPOs and Backed up GPOs in your domain. Administrators can Export, Import, Cut, Copy, Paste and Remove any GPO settings (like scripts, software installation etc.) between GPOs and Backed up GPOs. You can also view and save a particular GPO settings report after filtering some settings.


Export/Import - Users can Export/Import a particular setting(scripts,software installation etc) from a GPO to a Backed up GPO and vice versa.

GPO Tailor – Helps to Cut/Copy/Remove a particular setting (security,folder redirection etc.) between two GPOs or two Backed up GPOs.

Focused Settings View – Users can view a particular GPO settings in detail to focus the setting of their interest.


Filtered Report Generation – Users can save GPO reports containing only the settings of their interest by filtering unwanted GPO settings.

GPO Testing Made Easy - Administrators can Export only the settings of their interest to the test domain. Test that settings in the test domain. Import that settings to the Production domain.

Reduces Number of GPOs - Helps to reduce the number of GPOs in the domain. You can have only one GPO for a scope/target, instead of having a GPO for every settings.


  1. Michael 12 years ago

    I clicked on the link to the website, chose download and it tells me 'The download file is a free 30 days trial version'. Just letting you know.

  2. Thanks. I removed the tool from the list.

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