Many IT sites picked up a report of the German website Die Zeit Online according to which IT experts of the German government claim that Windows 8 comes with a backdoor which is related to the TPM 2.0 specification.

Update: The German magazine has now modified the article because of a temporary injunction. They no longer claim that Windows 8 has a backdoor.

TPM 2.0 chips are currently only in some Windows 8 tablets. The German government meanwhile refuted the claims of the report.

I read several German articles about this issue and it appears the claim was only based on the fact that the TPM 2.0 is activated by default and it is up to hardware manufacturers to allow users to disable the chip.

I find this incident amazing. You must know that the newspaper Die Zeit is one of the most reputed German publications. As far as I can see, the accusations of Die Zeit Online are baseless. The IT experts of the German government never claimed that Windows 8 contains a backdoor. It seems the author was a bit over motivated and prejudiced as he recommends to move to Linux.

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The atmosphere of distrust that Prism produced, created a remarkable damage in the IT industry. I guess no terrorist organization could have accomplished this. This is what they call ‘to shoot yourself in the foot.’


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