The free Microsoft tool WSUS ClientManager allows you to add Windows workgroup computers to a WSUS server. To add multiple computers to WSUS, you can use the REG file that WSUS ClientManager creates.
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If you want to update Windows computers with Microsoft's patch management solution, WSUS, you have to add them to your WSUS infrastructure. In an Active Directory network, this can be done through Group Policy (Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Update). To add workgroup computers to WSUS, you have to set the corresponding Registry settings manually. Microsoft's free WSUS ClientManager for Workgroups helps you with this task.

Add computers to a WSUS server - WSUS.WorkGroup ClientSettingManager

The GUI tool allows you to point a specific client to a WSUS server and add it to a WSUS group. You can also configure update frequency and boot delay, enable auto install for mirror updates, disable reboot for logged-in users, and allow non-admins to install updates.

Add computers to a WSUS server - WSUS.WorkGroup ClientSettingManage -Details

Once you have configured your WSUS settings, you have to click "Activate WSUS." The WSUS ClientManager will write the settings to the Registry. It will also create a REG file with the corresponding settings. To add multiple workgroup computers to your WSUS server, you only have to run this REG file on each PC.

You can also use the WSUS ClientManager to remove Windows PCs from a WSUS environment. The tool will also create the corresponding REG file for this task.

WSUS ClientManager for Workgroups

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  1. Bruce 6 years ago

    Will this solution work as a workaround for windows 10 home computers that dont work with wsus?

    I ask due to remote management tools not not being able to work with windows 10 home workstations with wsus.

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