VirtuAll User Environment Manager is free user environment management tool designed for virtual desktops but it can also centrally manage settings of traditional desktops.

Submitted by Pierre Marmignon - Website: VirtuAll Solutions

VirtuAll User Environment Manager (VUEM) allows you to eliminate login scripts and mange centrally manage user environments.

VirtuAll User Environment Manager (VUEM) navigation

VirtuAll User Environment Manager (VUEM) navigation

You can manage the following desktop objects with VUEM:

  • Applications: Applications shortcut creation (Start Menu, Desktop, Quicklaunch, Pin To Taskbar, Pin To Start Menu) and eventually application AutoLaunch
  • Printers: Network printers mapping + default printer settings. Import from network print server possible.
  • Network Drives: Network drive mapping (with friendly name setting and external credentials option)
  • Virtual Drives: Virtual drive connection (equivalent to subst)
  • Registry Entry: Registry value creation and modification
  • Environment variable: Creation and modification
  • Ports: LPT / COM port mapping
  • Ini Files: Ini files entry population
  • External Tasks: Any external task (.exe, script) with run once, run hidden, wait or not until completion
  • Folders and Files: Folders / files copy (with wildcards)
  • User DSN: SQL User DSN Creation
  • File Associations: Creation and modification
  • Fast Logoff: disconnects the RDP / ICA session as soon as a logoff event is received
  • CPU Management: process priority change when CPU exceeds a defined threshold and back to normal after a specified time
  • Memory Management: force idle apps to lower memory consumption
  • Processes management: Processes blacklisting with end user message

All actions can be filtered on one or more conditions.

Condition types are:

  • Always True: For internal consistency
  • ComputerName: Test the computer name against a specific wildcard
  • ClientName (SBC): Test the client name against a specific wildcard
  • IP Address: Test the IP address against a specific wildcard
  • Client IP Address (SBC): Test the client IP address against a specific wildcard
  • Active Directory Site: Test the Active Directory Site Name
  • Scheduling: Test a specific (or several) day(s) of the week
  • Environment Variable:  Test  for a specific environment variable value
  • Registry Value: Test a specific registry value
  • WMI Query Result: Test if a specific custom WMI Query has a result
  • User Country: Test a specific user country two letters ISO code
  • User UI Language: Test a specific user UI language two letters ISO code
  • User SBC Resource Type: Test for a specific user if the used SBC resource is a desktop or a Published Application
  • OS Platform Type: Test against the bitness of the user's operating system
  • Connection State: Test against agent's connection state (online / offline)
  • XenApp Version: Test against XenApp version
  • Xenapp Farm Name: Test against Xenapp Farm Name
  • XenApp Zone Name: Test against Xenapp Zone Name
  • XenDesktop Farm Name: Test against XenDesktop Farm Name
  • XenDesktop Desktop Group: Test against XenDesktop Desktop Group Name
  • Provisioning Services Image Type: Test against provisioning services image type

Additional features:

  • Two Agents Kind (console / UI) and an agent service for system utilities and offline mode support (through SQL Compact localhost cache)
  • Agent service can launch the agent at logon (so that you don’t have to launch it through a script) but can also on reconnect
  • BackEnd Database is SQL. Tested on 2005 to 2008 R2 including Express releases
  • There are lots of options allowing to delete shortcuts at startup, clean the environment (delete everything on first run to ensure the tool is managing all items
  • Actions Modeling is available through admin console and rsop like utility for client side

VirtuAll User Environment Manager (VUEM)

Update: The tool is no longer available.


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