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There are many useful, free online tools for IT pros. In this post, I listed a few tools I like. If you know of other good online tools that are helpful for Windows administrators, please post the link in a comment below. I will then add the tool to the list.

Whenever I have a hunch that a PC is infected even though the antivirus tool is silent, I start Task Manager or Process Explorer to see if I notice anything suspicious. Of course, I don't know all Windows processes, so if a process I’ve never seen before appears in the list, I search in for the corresponding EXE or DLL file.


VirusTotal is the online tool I use most often. Since I am often testing free tools from publishers I don't know, I like to have more than one opinion about whether the tool contains malware or not. VirusTotal has the scan engines of all well-known antivirus vendors and scans uploaded files quickly. I introduced VirusTotal a while back.

Sysinternals online

Microsoft's Sysinternals tool suite is certainly one of the best free tool collections for IT pros. Sysinternals online allows you to launch these tools via HTTP. allows you to access the WHOIS database that stores information about Internet resources such as IP addresses, domain names, and their registered users or assignees. I usually use this to see who might be behind a suspicious IP address.

CentralOps free online network utilities

I discussed the CentralOps online nslookup tool some time ago. The site has a few other useful network tools such as an email validator, a graphical traceroute tool, and a utility that shows what kind of information your browser reveals.

My IP address

Sometimes when I test whether a VPN tool works properly, I use the My IP address service. This tool can also be useful if you need to know the IP address of a user’s PC and the user doesn't know how to look it up. The tool also shows you the name of the service provider and the location of the IP on a map.

I travel a lot, and the first thing I do when I am in a new place is check if I have acceptable Internet access. lets you easily test the speed of your Internet connection. Please check out my review of is comparable to This tool gives you an idea of how reliable your Internet connection is. It measures the ping response time, jitter, and packet loss.

Exchange Remote Connectivity Analyzer Tool

A tool that helps Exchange admins troubleshoot connectivity issues Exchange.

Online Wake-On-LAN

Turn on a computer from another location over a network connection or Internet.


All of your MX record, DNS, blacklist and SMTP diagnostics in one integrated tool.

Group Policy Search

Group Policy Search allows you to find Group Policy settings easily.

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Please post a comment below if you know of other good online tools for IT pros.

  1. Bart Jacobs 13 years ago

    I would include the Exchange connectivity Analyzer also:

  2. Bart, thanks! I added the tool to the list.

  3. Fábio Pinto Coelho 13 years ago

    One other site I find very useful for troubleshooting mail service and delivery is:

    The site contains a lot of tools and one that I used a lot when I was implementing DNSBL in my Exchange server was the Blacklist tool. It checks a mail server IP against a huge list of DNSBL services.

  4. arlanda 12 years ago

    It appears you forgot to add Group Policy Search to this list?

  5. I added Group Policy Search and SuperTool. Thanks!

  6. Brian Dao 10 years ago

    I would include to the list. It does a much better job than the others.

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