Unstoppable-CopierUnstoppable Copier is a small, free utility that allows you to recover physically corrupt files from a disk that has bad sectors or scratches. Other file copy programs usually just abort or even delete corrupted files, but Unstoppable Copier restores what is left of the damaged files.

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You can copy entire directories or, using wildcards (*,?), particular files in a directory. You can also use the tool’s batch mode to configure multiple source and destination folders to copy their contents in one go. You can save this configuration so that the next time you have to perform the same copy operation you can do so with only a few mouse clicks. (This function is also useful for undamaged disks.)

Unstoppable Copier offers several options that could prove helpful in a disaster recovery situation. For example, you can copy the undamaged files first, skip damaged files, or only copy newer files. See the screenshot for all options.


The tool's name may be a bit misleading because Unstoppable Copier can't copy everything. It does not, for example, copy open files. However, it will continue with the rest of the selected files. The tool’s log file informs you which files have been skipped and which files were identified as being corrupt.

Unstoppable Copier comes with an installer, but the tool seems to run without installation if you just copy its program folder to another computer.

Unstoppable Copier

  1. mw 6 years ago

    This is a joke, right?
    I tried it on an external HDD that will pass all tests (CHKDSK etc) but will not copy certain movie files to another target, freezing at very specific points during the copy attempts.
    Your tool “IS” stoppable, my friend: it fails the same way as all other copy tools I tried (Windows Explorer, XXCOPY, FastCopy..).
    While I can not understand WHAT is exactly hanging up the HDD on these files I can assure you that your tool is of no help either, sadly.
    I really believed in the hype about ‘unstoppable’, hoping it would gracefully recover from any hangups and simply continue, if with data loss.

    • Author

      Of course this is not my tool and did you notice that I wrote this post in 2009? But I guess you just made a joke, right? 😉

  2. Mike Pesci 4 years ago

    Poor poor app.

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