Sometimes it gets very frustrating to use Windows Explorer for such simple tasks as copying files, especially when the amount to copy is large. First, it always seems to take more time than it should. More speed is always needed. Second, if any error occurs during the process, the whole operation is aborted or at least stopped. Third, if the data is copied, there is no way to verify whether the copy is valid. Fourth, if you have to abort a copy job, there is no way to resume it.

If any of the above points bugs you, you should check out TeraCopy. It solves all four issues.

Increase Copy Speed -TeraCopy

Depending on your OS, file transfers between hard disks are up to 40% faster when using TeraCopy. The speed increase is only significant on locally attached disks, though. Copies to a network share are not speedier at all because network bandwidth is a limiting factor on modern hardware.

If TeraCopy encounters a problem during the copy process, it retries the copy a few times. If this still doesn’t solve the issue, TeraCopy just continues with the next file. A detailed file list in the TeraCopy window informs you of the status of every copied file. If you want to verify that the copied files exactly match the source files, you can have TeraCopy compare the checksums. Last but not least, if a copy job can’t finish (for example, due to a failed network connection), you can resume the job after the network connection is up again.

The tool neatly integrates in the Explorer menu and offers its services right where you need them. As you can see in the following screenshot, it has shortcuts for copying, moving, testing, and permanently deleting files.

Increase Copy Speed -TeraCopy - Copy files to

If you want to make TeraCopy your default copy tool, you can register a “Copy Handler.” You can enable this feature easily in the Preferences menu. If you don’t like it, the tool also can undo the registration.

Increase Copy Speed -TeraCopy - Preferences

The Pro version of TeraCopy has additional features, such as favorites folders, and it allows the editing of the file list during a copy job. You also get free updates and priority support. But even without these Pro features, TeraCopy is a handy tool that speeds up the copy process and solves other Windows Explorer annoyances. TeraCopy is free for "home users".


  1. epiquestions 13 years ago

    I have tried this before and compared it with Copy Handler ( and I still prefer Copy Handler over this.
    This is a good app though I just think that copy handler is better.
    Maybe I’ll try the latest version and see the new features.

    If you are looking for an alternative you can try Copy Handler….it is free and it has a portable version (you just need to register the context menu dlls if you want to integrate it with explorer).

  2. RoninV 13 years ago

    I’ve tried TeraCopy (portable) in the past. Though its copy features were impressive, many did not work and/or work correctly. The ability to continue a copy task, inspite of a few errors with other files was the real thing that attracted me. Maybe I’ll give it another try.

    Epiquestions – Why the Copyhandler preference?

  3. epiquestions 13 years ago

    You can pause and continue the copying of the file even if the drive is external or even if you shutdown the pc or it crashed.

    You can queue many copy/move tasks (when copying different files to different locations). I think this is what tera copy lacks. A way to queue and manage transfers.

    You can shutdown pc automatically after copying finishes

    Filter files to copy

    Just didn’t like the interface of tera copy and copy handler has more options.

    And a lot more. I think tera copy have some of those features but some are available only in the PRO version. While copy handler is completely free

    Anyway you can try copyhandler and see for yourself. Never really followed tera copy after I started using copyhandler. Just thought that I’d give the readers some alternative software that I found to be better (IMO)

  4. RoninV 13 years ago


    Thanks for the info. I’ll definitely give it a try.

  5. Paul 13 years ago

    I used this cute software after reading your informations….i can say this is really awesome.
    Thank for your great informations ……..

  6. niksfish 12 years ago

    Thanks epiquestions, I am going to try copy handler because it is free software.

  7. vikas khandola 6 years ago

    use robocopy

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