TCPEye, the free GUI alternative to the Windows netstat command, has some additional nice features, such as a live netstat display, a VirusTotal interface and a GeoIP tool that shows the location of the selected IP address on a map.
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There are many alternatives to the Windows netstat command that essentially have the same features with the comfort of a GUI. It is worth having a closer look at TCPEye because it not only has a nice user interface but also some useful additional features.

Live Netstat command GUI - TCPEye

Like the Windows netstat command TCPEye shows you the remote IP addresses and the open TCP ports. One difference is to the netstat command is that TCP/IP is the live display.

What I like most is the VirusTotal interface. If you detect suspicious processes on a computer, you can upload the program to VirusTotal through TCPEye’s context menu to learn the opinions that major antivirus tools have about the file.

If VirusTotal gives an alarm, you can disconnect and terminate the process from the TCPEye interface. Other useful features are the alarm that notifies you whenever a new TCP connection is established, as well as a Whois IP interface.

The GeoIP tool is also nice. It shows you the location of the IP address on a map. If your computer is connected to parts of the world that are somewhat uncommon in your environment, you might want to have a closer look at what's going on with the computer. This geo tracking feature is also helpful for hunting down hackers.

Live netstat command -TCPEye GeoIP

Since TCPEye is a relatively new tool, it also supports IPv6. I have tried TCPEye V1.0. At the time of this writing, the homepage of TCPEye was not available, so I linked to the CNET download page.


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  1. Dave 13 years ago

    Looks pretty good. What’s with the spelling on the menu though?

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