The System Information Viewer (SIV) is a freeware tool that allows you to display information about your computer in remarkable detail. SIV is a tiny portable application that supports 32-bit and 64-bit Windows. The information is so detailed that if you are not a super geek, then much of the information will mean nothing to you. Nevertheless, this also assures that if you ever need any particular information about a computer, you will most likely find it in SIV.

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SIV-System Information Viewer

SIV has information about the computer hardware (main board, PCI, USB, etc.), network (adapter, IP, open TCP ports, etc.), and Windows (users, privileges, DLLs, etc.). Please note that the texts in parentheses are only examples that shall give you an idea about the variety of different information you can access through this tool. SIV has far more different categories.

I want to give you just one example of a particular function to show you how detailed the information is. The power pane displays information such as if the computer has a lid sensor, if a UPS is connected, or if thermal control is supported. All in all, the power pane alone lists about fifty such parameters (see screenshot).

SIV Power

SIV is not only a system information tool, it also supports tuning. The number of tuning variables is as impressive as the number system information parameters. But this is really only something for people who know what they are doing.

SIV doesn't provide any explanation for all these parameters. I also wasn't able to find a documentation of the tool. Of course, you can always find your way by just clicking through its menus, but this will take you a while because the tool's user interface is a bit confusing. Menu points appear in multiple menus, and sometimes functions appear at places where you wouldn't expect them. For example, why is there shutdown function in the help menu, and why do links to the Windows registry tools appear in multiple menus?

The best way to get started with SIV is to display the overview of all available functions (click on Copy and then on View Menus). This will also give you an idea about the diversity of information you can access through SIV. And just in case you are wondering what the Copy menu point is for: this feature enables you to copy the displayed information to the Windows clipboard. SIV also allows you to export information of a text file.




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