SysInternalsUpdater is a free tool that allows you to download updates of the Sysinternals Suite tools.
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Microsoft's Sysinternals tools are essential for every Windows admin. The Sysinternals Suite is a collection of all Sysinternals troubleshooting tools. What all the Sysinternals utilities lack is an update feature. So you have to check regularly whether a new version is available. Or, you subscribe to 4sysops because I always publish a notice if an update of a Sysinternals tool is available. Yet another option is to use SysInternalsUpdater.

Update Sysinternals Suite - SysinternalsUpdater

The free portable tool allows you to check for new Sysinternals updates. You can then select the tools you want to update, and SysInternalsUpdater will download them to your Sysinternals directory. After you launch the SysInternalsUpdater the first time, you have to tell the tool where it can find the Sysinternals Suite. The utility will store the information if you didn't configure it to forget the settings on exit.

SysInternalsUpdater can automatically kill running Sysinternals programs before the update starts. But I guess it is better to do this manually.

More sophisticated tools to manage the Sysinternals Suite are the Windows System Control Center and NirLauncher. But if you just want to check for new versions, SysInternalsUpdater is a nice tool with a small footprint.

I tried SysInternalsUpdater 1.0.1 on Windows 7.



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