Speccy is a free system information tool for Windows that gives you a good overview of all hardware components in a computer.
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The main purpose of a system information tool is to give you an overview if you log on to a new machine. This is why it is important for that utility to be portable. If you first have to install the tool, it will probably be faster to just use the Windows system information tool.

Speccy is available as an installable and a portable version. As far I could see, there is no difference between the two, so there is no reason to download the installable edition.

The advantage of Speccy over the Windows system information tool and other Windows integrated tools is that it allows you to retrieve the most important information faster. Speccy displays detailed information about the current Windows settings, the CPU, RAM, motherboard, graphics, hard drives, optical drives, audio, peripherals, and network.

A nice feature of Speccy is that you can save snapshots of your current configuration. You can then use this snapshot to compare the Windows configuration with a later state or with the configuration of another PC. Speccy also lets you save the system information to a text or XML file.

I have created screenshots of each of the different sections because that is the best way to give you an idea of the level of detail Speccy has to offer.

System.information.for.Windows.Speccy.Summary System.information.for.Windows.Speccy.Operating.System System.information.for.Windows.Speccy.CPU

System.information.for.Windows.Speccy.RAM System.information.for.Windows.Speccy.Motherboard System.information.for.Windows.Speccy.Graphics

System.information.for.Windows.Speccy.Hard.Drives System.information.for.Windows.Speccy.Optical.Drives System.information.for.Windows.Speccy.Audio

System.information.for.Windows.Speccy.Peripherals System.information.for.Windows.Speccy.Network



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