With SolarWinds WMI Monitor you can monitor Windows applications and servers. The built-in WMI browser helps you find the right WMI objects.
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SolarWinds WMI Monitor is a free tool that allows you to monitor the status of WMI objects. With this tool, there is hardly anything that you can't monitor on a Windows server. The tool is installed in minutes, and a wizard guides you through the configuration. First you choose the server you want to monitor, then enter the credentials to authenticate against this server, and then select WMI values and thresholds that will trigger alarms.


WMI Monitor comes with a few pre-configured sets of WMI values for monitoring Active Directory, Exchange 2007, Internet Information Services, SQL Server 2003, and SQL Server 2008. You can modify these monitors—that is, you can add or remove WMI values and also change their thresholds. To change WMI Monitor’s settings, you click the tiny gearwheel in the title bar.


WMI Monitor’s integrated browser helps you find the WMI objects that are of interest to you. Since there are many objects, this is probably the difficult part in configuring WMI Monitor if you don't already know what you are looking for.


The browser has two filters that allow you to view only performance counters and classes with Win32. The latter are primarily Windows classes. Setting the right threshold can also be difficult, especially if you are working with performance counters. You have to experiment a little until you find the thresholds for your environment.

WMI Monitor will display each configured WMI value with a green light in front of it if the parameter is within the specified threshold. This light turns red if problems come up.


WMI Monitor does not notify administrators via email. The purpose of the tool is to quickly create a monitor to keep an eye on certain Windows or application properties for troubleshooting or to detect if a server is currently unstable. To monitor multiple servers, you need WMI Monitor’s commercial big brother Orion APM, which offers many additional features.

In the video below, SolarWinds’ head geek Josh Stephens demonstrates WMI Monitor.

SolarWinds WMI Monitor


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