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The recently released SolarWinds Network Device Monitor allows you to monitor performance and health of a single network device such as a router, firewall or server.

The size of the installer is around 61 MB. Installation is pretty straightforward and the default settings will work in most cases.

The playground for this test was my Windows 7 laptop and the network device to be monitored was a Cisco 800 series router with SNMP enabled .

The welcome screen just provides some info of what you need to get started.

SolarWinds Network Device Monitor - Getting Started

In the next step I had to provide the IP address, the SNMP version and the community string of my device. The test feature allows you to check the connectivity between the tool and the network device.

SolarWinds Network Device Monitor - Choose Device

On the next page, you have to choose the device monitor. There are some pre populated values depending on the device to be monitored.

SolarWinds Network Device Monitor - Choose Device Monitors

Option 3 allows you to create your own templates by browsing the MIBs (Management information base) on the device. For this review I selected the Interface Operational Status of my Cisco router.

SolarWinds Network Device Monitor - MIB

You can review your configuration on this page and also change some of the default settings. Select Advanced Settings to get a more granular view.

SolarWinds Network Device Monitor - Settings

The thresholds for polling SNMP can be configured as well. I monitored the operational status of my WAN interface.

SolarWinds Network Device Monitor - Threshold

Click "Start Monitoring" to fire it up.

You can also import user generated templates from the Solarwinds online community Thwak. Go to the taskbar and right click on the Solarwinds icon and you will see an option to edit the configuration settings. In my test I also monitored the status of the DHCP server on my Windows 2008 R2 machine.

SolarWinds Network Device Monitor - Network Device Monitors

Network Device Monitor


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