SolarWinds-IP-Address-Tracker IP Address Tracker is a new free tool from SolarWinds that provides simple IP address management. It scans your networks and lists all used and unused IP addresses with their DNS names and their response times. SNMP-enabled devices also display the machine type, system name, and location.

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IP addresses can be marked as available, unused or reserved and comments added to each host. Each IP subnet has its own tab, which makes it convenient to keep track of all of your networks. The tool's filters are also useful features. You can restrict its output to available addresses (by default IPs of hosts that didn't respond), used addresses (IPs of machines that have responded), and reserved addresses (IPs that you mark as reserved).

It is possible to move the database to a shared location, so that all admins can access it. IP Address Tracker can export the database to a CSV file, which allows you to import your IP database in Excel or any other spreadsheet program. This can be useful if you want to perform a statistical analysis when the computers in your network are usually online.

As with all free SolarWinds tools, a commercial version is also available. It is called IPAM (IP Address Management) and belongs to the Orion network management family. Its main additional feature is that scans can be scheduled. That way your IP address database will always be up-to-date.

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SolarWinds IP Address Tracker

  1. h_p 14 years ago
  2. Sooory. I added the link now to the text.

  3. Ronin Vladiamhe 14 years ago

    Getting rid of my “IP Address” Word document would be great. Though I’m always looking for apps for my portable toolkit, if this does what I want, I can live with hard drive installation.

  4. Ronin Vladiamhe 14 years ago

    It does not identify the user logged into a specific computer, at the time of the scan. It does give you a “Comments” field, which allows you to enter the loginID of the user that normally “uses” that IP address, which come in handy when working on a computer remotely, and appears to save these comments.

  5. Ronin, why would you need the user name for an IP address tracking tool?

  6. RoninV 14 years ago

    We have a four branch office. The username would give me the branch location. IP Address Tracker does provide the DNS, so I could use that, in conjunction with Sessions (Computer Management) to determine where the computer is.

  7. Lucas 14 years ago

    Just wanted to add that the commercial version is also part of their Engineer’s Toolset product.

  8. Wayne 6 years ago

    Sadly, SW no longer has this simple tool, but a huge kludge that installs sql and tries to wedge their Orion product.

    Orion might be a great platform for a system monitoring, running on a SQL server and having a requirement for 3 systems, but the simple tool that this was, that scanned a given subnet for active responses, checked against DNS and made a half-hearted attempt to see what something was, no longer exists.

    I miss the old tool, but it is no longer available.


  9. Tom 6 years ago

    Wayne, you can download the old version which still works great. I use version 1.0.38 which doesnt have the (1x) /24 subnet limit. Google for that version and you’ll easily find a downloadable version **cough** at tucows **cough**.

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