solarwinds-subnet-caculator2 Do you have to calculate IP subnets every now and then? If you are forgetful like me, then you will scratch your head every time you try to remember how subnet masks, subnet addresses, mask bits, host bits etc. are related. Well, scratching my head doesn't really help, so I go to this site for another IP math lesson. With SolarWinds Advanced Subnet Calculator, you don't have to do the math yourself. However, a basic understanding of IP addressing is necessary.

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Advanced Subnet Calculator comes with the following tools:

IP address details: Gives you the following information : hostname, response time, hex address, binary address, address class info, and information about the owner of the address

solarwinds-subnet-caculator- Classful subnet calculator: Allows you to calculate subnets based on subnet mask, mask bits, host bits, number of subnets and hosts per subnet. You only have to set one of these parameters for the calculation. For example, you tell the calculator how many subnets you need, and the tool does the rest of the work for you.

CIDR calculator: This feature allows you to calculate Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) addresses is an example of an address in CIDR notification.

Subnet addresses: With this tool, you can generate a list of IP addresses that belong to a certain subnet.

All tools allow you to export the generated information into different formats such as text, HTML, and Excel spreadsheet format. This is useful for documentation or for importing the data into a router or firewall.

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SolarWinds Advanced Subnet Calculator


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