EMCO Remote Installer is a tool— this may surprise you—to remotely install software. However, the free version only supports software inventory. Compared to other free software inventory tools, it has the advantage of not limiting the number of computers it can scan. The software inventory software is very easy to use, and you don't need to install agents on remote computers.

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Software Inventory Software - EMCO Remote Install

Thus, you can use EMCO Remote Installer to quickly get an overview of the installed software in your network. If you already have software inventory software, you can compare the results in cases where you are uncertain whether the scan results are correct.

After you install EMCO Remote Installer, you must scan your network. The software inventory tool lists all computers that are currently online; then, you can either scan all computers or only particular PCs for installed software.

By clicking a particular computer name, you can view all installed software on this PC. If you want to know on which PCs a particular application is installed, you have to select the symbol for the entire network or a domain/workgroup in the navigation pane and then sort the result list according to the application names. The software inventory tool also allows you to search for applications.

You can save software inventory scans so that you can view the data of former scans. I find the comparison feature, which allows you to compare two scans, very useful. The software inventory software shows which applications have been added or removed. To compare two scans, you just have to click them while pressing the CTRL key.

Software Inventory Software. - EMCO Remote Install

EMCO Remote Installer can also search for specific applications that are not registered as installed programs under Windows. For this, you can tell the tool for what files or registry entries it has to search. Those applications then appear in the inventories of those PCs that meet these scanning conditions.

EMCO Remote Installer

  1. epiquestions 13 years ago

    What services are needed to be running for this to work? Remote Registry?

  2. I didn’t try it, but this is a good guess.

  3. Misha 13 years ago

    Take a look on my set of scripts. I called them “Free Deployment System” http://www.curuit.com/free-deployment-system-2007111465/

  4. Igor 13 years ago

    You can find a list of technical requirements here: http://www.emco.is/products/remote-installer/requirements.php.

    These requirements suppose a remote MSI installation. For collecting a list of installed applications Remote Registry is required.

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