The freeware tool Softerra LDAP Browser allows you to search and view LDAP directories and includes a set of built-in reports.

Submitted by Denis Roman

With a vast variety of LDAP management software, it is complicated to choose one product that would correspond to all needs of an enterprise network. At one side, native LDAP administration toolset covers most of necessary challenges, but when appears the necessity to cover a load of tasks within a short period of time, addressing reliable third party software could be the way out. Softerra LDAP Browser is an easy-to-use tool designed to browse, view and search LDAP directories.

Softerra LDAP Browser

Softerra LDAP Browser – Main console

Softerra LDAP Browser is a free cut version of Softerra LDAP Administrator. The latest 4.5 version of the software is an entirely new product, if to compare it with the previous 2.6 version. This is a handy tool for every administrator who manages LDAP directories, but it is especially useful for those who support complex directories that contain large number of objects.

The software UI is very similar to Microsoft Management Console tools, but still there are distinctions that make LDAP Browser handier and more convenient: quick search, filters, additional navigation, etc.

Softerra LDAP Browser is useful when it is necessary to administer large number of domains, as it helps create connection profiles and add the most frequently used objects in favorites. From basic features it is worth to outline: directory browsing itself, information export, variety of reports, view of schema and deleted objects.

Export in LDAP Browser supports all widely used formats. The most popular of them are HTML and Excel. As I mentioned, Softerra LDAP Browser allows viewing directory schema. Herewith, visualization is well structured and helps find necessary objects pretty fast.

Softerra LDAP Browser - SchemaViewer

Softerra LDAP Browser – SchemaViewer

Very productive software functionality that can save time greatly is constant storage of the input data and saving of search parameters with subsequent recall. Also, LDAP Browser allows removing all auto-saved data due to security reasons.

One more feature that is able to save you several minutes of your time is the ability to display all groups and their members. It was nice to find that Distinguished Name column is activated by default as distinct from standard MMC tools where you need to change output parameters after search to view where an object is located.

Softerra LDAP Browser – Groups and Members

Softerra LDAP Browser – Groups and Members

Softerra LDAP Browser includes a set of built-in reports. The reports are diverse and numerous. They cover a large number of typical administration tasks. For example, in two mouse clicks you can find never logged on users or users whose passwords never expire. Thus, with help of reports it is possible to solve many problems associated with security and actuality of an LDAP directory.

Softerra LDAP Browser – Never Logged On Users Report

Softerra LDAP Browser – Never Logged On Users Report

Softerra LDAP Browser – Users Whose Passwords Never Expire Report

Softerra LDAP Browser – Users Whose Passwords Never Expire Report

Altogether with a reference to the software feature set and its free availability, I can say that Softerra LDAP Browser is a great alternative to standard LDAP administration tools. Even though it does not support “modify” functionality like the fully functional LDAP Administrator, its scope of activity is frequently sufficient to relieve the system administrator’s burden.

Softerra LDAP Browser

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  1. Tony 12 years ago

    Great tool

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