SimpleSysInfo is a free system information tool for Windows that allows you to retrieve any kind of system information because allows you to customize the displayed sysinfo.
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So many sysinfo tools exist for Windows, and I'm guessing you already have a couple of them in your tool box. But SimpleSysInfo is worth a look. It is quite useful for help desk personnel who need to get an overview of a PC's configuration, and it is also an interesting option for sys admins who have to retrieve the same PC settings frequently.

SimpleSysInfo displays system information in multiple tabs. Most of the data is useful for troubleshooting in a corporate environment. For instance, the NIC tab displays the IP address, whether DHCP is enabled, gateway and DNS information, etc. The operating system tab shows the service pack level, installation date, uptime, profile folder, and more. I made a screenshot of each of the tabs, so you can get an idea of the information that the free sysinfo tool provides. The fact that you can launch Windows tools such as the Registry Editor, System Restore, or Computer Management emphasizes the purpose of the program as a troubleshooting tool.

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But what makes SimpleSysInfo stand out is that it allows you to retrieve any kind of information from the Windows registry. For this, you have to edit the ini file that the system information tool creates when you launch it the first time. You can add any registry key that SimpleSysInfo should display in the Registry tab. Since the tool is portable, you can launch it on any Windows PC to retrieve any kind of information with just a mouse click.

This also makes the tool helpful for help desk staff. Admins can pre-configure the registry keys that contain information that is typically needed in your environment. All sysinfo data can be saved as an HTML file, an XML file, or a text file. You can also print or email the information right from SimpleSysInfo's user interface. This allows help desk staff to easily forward the information to the second-level support.

Other useful features are the ability to automatically set environment variables whenever you launch the tool, and the ability to use the tool on the command prompt. The latter feature makes the system information tool scriptable.

I tested SimpleSysInfo 2.8 on Windows 7.



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