ServiwinServiWin is a freeware tool that allows you to manage Windows services and drivers. The utility has a few useful features that the corresponding Windows tools lack. Since ServiWin is a portable application, you can easily launch it from your flash drive when you are working on a user's computer.

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The tool has two different displays, one for the drivers and one for the services. The operations you can perform are similar to those for Windows tools. For example, you can start or stop services or change their start type. ServiWin also supports starting and stopping of drivers, but this won't work with most system drivers. The main benefit of ServiWin is that you can gather information about services and drivers more easily than with the Windows tools. This is the list of additional ServiWin features:

Better overview

ServiWin has a few more columns than the built-in Services tool. For example, you see the last error messages, the dependencies, the application to which the service / driver belongs, the file name etc. This can be quite useful in some situations. For instance, if you want to find out what services a certain application has installed, you can just sort the list using the corresponding column.

Search function

Also very useful is the search function. It allows you to search for phrases in all columns. If you forget the exact name of a certain service, it can be quite cumbersome to find it in a long list with the Windows tool. Of course, the search function is also very useful for locating drivers.


If you want to compare the services or driver configuration with another computer, you can easily create reports with ServiWin. The tool supports HTML and text reports. You can create a report of all services / drivers or only of selected items.

Manage multiple services or drivers

The built-in Services tool allows you to only manage one service at a time. With ServiWin, you can select multiple services or drivers and change their start type (automatic, manual disabled) or status (start, stop, restart).

I tested ServiWin v1.37 on Windows 7 x64.

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  1. Armycat 14 years ago


    If you want a same software, which do more. You can use “starter” (old soft. but working even on Win7 !

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