Service Credential Manager allows you to search for Windows services and scheduled tasks running under a specific account.

Submitted by Chris Wright - Website: Cjwdev

As an IT system admin myself I know how painful it is when it comes to that time when you've got to change the password for a domain admin account or any other password that is used to run services and scheduled tasks on servers throughout your domain. Even in a well documented environment where you think you know of all the locations where an account has been used, there's almost always still at least one service or task that you weren't aware of that stops working once you actually change the password.

Service Credential Manager - Search Windows Services

Service Credential Manager - Search Windows Services

So I developed Service Credential Manager to help search all Windows services and scheduled tasks using a specified user account. Simply select the computers you want to scan by importing them from a container in Active Directory, a CSV file, or by manually typing them in, and then specify the account you want to find services/tasks running as.

Service Credential Manager - Search Windows Services - Import from Active Directory

Import computer objects from Active Directory

Click a button and the application scans all of the specified computers, using multi-threading to scan multiple computers at once, and shows you all of the services and scheduled tasks (including scheduled tasks in both 2003 format and 2008 format).

To help avoid services/tasks being missed it also automatically looks up alternate formats of the username you specified from Active Directory, so if you enter DOMAIN\MyUsername it will query AD to get the "user principal name" (e.g MyUsername@domain.local) for that user account as well so that you don't need to worry about whether or not the credentials were specified in a different way when someone set the service/task up.

The free edition will show you all of the services and tasks running on the specified servers, saving a considerable amount of work in large environments and helping to avoid missing services/tasks that no one knew about. The standard edition adds the ability to export the results and to update the credentials for all of the services/tasks found to save you having to do it manually on each server after the password change.

Service Credential Manager

  1. Hank Arnold (MVP) 11 years ago

    Very nice. Wish I had this years ago…

  2. Wayne 11 years ago

    Well this is good, not only for changing passwords, but for creating a CMDB from scratch.

  3. Chris128 11 years ago

    Thanks guys I’m glad you like it 🙂

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