Server-Core-Configurator As expected, many Windows admins dislike the idea of configuring a server on the command prompt. Server Core Configurator is the third tool I am discussing that helps configure Windows Server 2008 Server Core. CoreConfigurator (without space between Core and Configurator) is a GUI tool and Core Configuration Console (CCC) is a batch script. Server Core Configurator is something in between.

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The tool consists of several VBS scripts with one central script providing the main menu. Similar to a batch script you have to enter numbers to open a submenu, but the menu and the input fields are presented in a graphical window.

Server Core Configurator’s configuration options are impressive:

  • Licensing settings: display status, configure proxy, activate (web, phone, offline), install product key, uninstall product key, clear product from registry, reset licensing status, KMS settings.
  • Computer / domain settings: rename, join/remove from domain, domain controller promotion
  • Network settings: display, configure, rename, enable / disable, add DNS server, flush / register DNS, ISCSI initiator settings
  • Roles and Features: install / uninstall (including IIS)
  • User permissions: add / remove / show users of the Local Admin Group
  • Share configuration: display / add / delete
  • Control Panel: date / time, keyboard settings, display settings, screensaver settings, enable / disable Remote Desktop, enable / disable WinRM, add /remove drivers, Windows Firewall, Windows Update
  • Operations: launch System Information / Task Manager, reboot, shutdown, logoff

Server-Core-Configurator-network Server Core Configurator is somewhat easier to handle than CCC, but it is not as comfortable as a GUI tool. For example, the available Server Roles are displayed in notepad. However, most configuration tasks can be much faster accomplished than on the command prompt.

This review is about release 17029. I think the authors will extend this tool in the near future. I will keep you posted about major updates. By the way, Server Core Configurator is a Codeplex project (Microsoft Open Source). Perhaps you want to contribute, too.

Update (10/31/08): Core Configurator 1.1 has been released. New: Add / Remove DNS Servers, Server Hardening plus bug fixes.

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Server Core Configurator


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