revo-uninstaller Revo Uninstaller is a powerful alternative to the Windows Add or Remove Programs control panel applet. It comes with all the necessary tools to clean a system that has been overloaded with tons of useless applications. There is also a portable version, so you can launch it without installing it if you have to clean out a user’s PC of junk. These are the Revo Uninstaller tools, which I will describe below: Uninstaller, Hunter Mode, Junk Files Cleaner, Windows Tools, Auto Run Manager, Browser Cleaner, MS Office Cleaner, Windows Cleaner, Evidence Remover, and Unrecoverable Delete.

  1. Uninstaller
  2. Hunter Mode
  3. Auto Run Manager
  4. Junk Files Cleaner
  5. Windows Tools
  6. Browser Cleaner
  7. Microsoft Office Cleaner
  8. Windows Cleaner
  9. Evidence Remover
  10. Unrecoverable Delete
  11. Revo Uninstaller
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Revo-Uninstaller-leftovers What I like about this Uninstaller is that it gives you further information about an application. Via the context menu of an application’s icon you search it in Google, and view the publishers’ about, help, and update information if it is available. The main purpose of Revo Uninstaller is certainly to completely remove an application. The Windows Uninstall applet only starts the uninstall routine that comes with the application. Often it leaves folders, files and registry entries behind. It is one of the main reasons why a Windows installation becomes slower over time. The more junk you have on your system, the slower it will become. Revo Uninstaller analyzes the applications before it starts the application’s built-in uninstaller. After the application has been uninstalled, Revo Uninstaller will scan the computer to find leftover folders, files and registry entries. It will then display them in a hierarchical tree where you can select the ones you want to remove.

Revo-Uninstaller-Hunter-Mode Hunter Mode

This is my favorite feature of Revo Uninstaller. Usually when you have to clean someone else’s computer, you will find countless icons on the desktop. In Hunter Mode you can just drag and drop the Revo Uninstaller Icon and the application’s icon to uninstall the application. Thus, you don’t have to search for the corresponding entry in the Uninstaller applet. The context menu also allows you to disable autostarting for this application, kill and delete its process, open the containing folder, and search in Google for information about this application.

Revo-Uninstaller-Autostarting Auto Run Manager

This tool also displays autostarting applications. It is no match for Autoruns, but it can be useful if you just want to check whether an application has autostarting components.

Revo-Uninstaller-Junk-Files-Cleaner Junk Files Cleaner

The Junk Files Cleaner finds all unnecessary files on the computer. It scans for file extensions such as .tmp, .old or .$$$. The options menu allows you to add your own extensions. You can also exclude specific folders. There are already some pre-defined folders which are better left untouched.

Revo-Uninstaller-Windows-Tools Windows Tools

The Windows Tools Panel just displays links to built-in Windows apps that are useful when it comes to cleaning a PC. These tools are System Restore, Disk Fragmenter, Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool, etc.

Revo-Uninstaller-Browser-Cleaner Browser Cleaner

The Browser Cleaners can remove information like history of visited web sites, the address bar history, cookies, etc. Revo Uninstaller supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Netscape.

Revo-Uinstaller-Office-Cleaner Microsoft Office Cleaner

The MS Office Cleaner helps you to get rid of the document history of Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and FrontPage.

Revo-Uninstaller-Windows-Cleaner Windows Cleaner

Windows logs uncounted amounts of information. The Windows Cleaner allows you to remove information such as Recent Documents History, Start Menu Run History, the Find File History, “Regedit” Last Opened Key History, and more.

Revo-Uninstaller-Evidence-Remover Evidence Remover

After you finished uninstalling all programs and remove all history information, it might make sense to use the Evidence Remover. It scans for files that have been deleted and erases them forever. This will make sure that files can’t be restored via the Recycle Bin or undelete utilities.

Revo-Uninstaller-Unrecoverable-Delete Unrecoverable Delete

Unrecoverable Delete is a similar tool. The difference from Evidence Remover is that it lets you choose the files and folders that you want to erase to make them unrecoverable.

Do you know another good uninstaller tool? Please, share your wisdom.

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Revo Uninstaller

  1. SLam 15 years ago

    I’ve been using CCleaner, but will definitely give this a try.

  2. SLam, thanks! I will try CCleaner. It seems to be a cleaning tool only. That is, one can’t use it to uninstall software.

  3. Moe 13 years ago

    Revo uninstaller helped me uninstall a rouge av
    Which made my pc safe again and evidence remover rocks

    Cos when u look up porn


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