ReNamer is a free portable Windows tool that allows you to rename multiple files at once. It is easy to use because it offers specialized rules for every possible file renaming scenario (see options with screenshots below).

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Rename Multiple Files - ReNamer

You can simply drag and drop files and folders to the ReNamer interface. This allows you to rename multiple files at different locations in one go. You can also apply multiple file renaming rules at once.

Probably the most important feature of ReNamer is that you can preview the results before actually renaming multiple files. I recommend the use of this function always because reversing the renaming of multiple files is often quite difficult.

I tried the installable version of ReNamer on Windows 7 and the portable version on Windows PE 3.0.

Rules to rename multiple files with ReNamer

Insert: Insert specified text into the filename.

Rename Multiple Files -ReNamer Insert

Delete: Delete a portion of the filename (by character positions).

Rename Multiple Files - ReNamer Delete

Remove: Remove all occurrences of specific text.

Rename Multiple Files - ReNamer Remove

Replace: Replace text occurrences.

Rename Multiple Files - ReNamer Replace

Extensions: Change file suffixes.

Rename Multiple Files -ReNamer Extensions

Strip: Remove predefined character sets (numbers, for example).

Rename Multiple Files - ReNamer Strip

Case: Capitalize, to lower case, to upper case, invert serialize.

Rename Multiple Files -ReNamer Case

Serialize: Put file names into an alphanumeric order.

Rename Multiple Files - ReNamer Serialize

Cleanup: Clean up file names to conform to naming conventions.

Rename Multiple Files - ReNamer CleanUp

Translit: Transliterate non-English characters.

Rename Multiple Files - ReNamer Translit

RegEx: Use regular expressions.

Rename Multiple Files - ReNamer RegEx

PascalScript: Use a Pascal/Delphi script.

Rename Multiple Files - ReNamer PascalScript

UserInput: Use the entered list to rename multiple files.

Rename Multiple Files - ReNamer UserInput

The Bulk Rename Utility and Ant Renamer are two comparable tools that I reviewed a while back and are now also in the 4sysops list of free file management tools.


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  1. wahid haq 9 years ago

    I suggest to try KrojamSoft BatchRenameFiles program. It’s really work for me.

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