realtemp A while back, I reviewed SpeedFan, which is a nice CPU temperature monitoring tool. Real Temp is a similar utility, but it is more focused on measuring processor temperature than SpeedFan, which has quite a few other functions. I somehow like Real Temp better, although I miss a hard disk temperature monitoring feature.

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Real Temp is a standalone tool that is useful if you want to measure the CPU temperature on a server quickly because you don't have to install the program. Real Temp can display the temperatures of all CPU cores and the GPU (graphics processing unit) separately in the systray. This can be useful if you have to stress your CPU for some time, and want to stay informed about the temperatures at all times.

realtemp-settings Real Temp displays the minimum and the maximum temperature the CPU has had since you launched the tool. It is also capable of logging temperature changes. The user interface shows the distance to TJMax. TJ stands for temperature junction, which is the temperature of the CPU core as opposed to the temperature of the CPU case. TJMax is the maximum temperature the CPU core can bear. This value can be configured, as it is different for different CPU types. If you are lucky, then the datasheet of your CPU contains information about this. Real Temp can launch a program whenever the CPU or the GPU reaches a configurable temperature.

If you want to get an idea of how a heavy CPU load affects its temperature, you can use the tool's sensor test. It uses the free tool Prime 95, which you have to download first to strain your CPU. By the way, CPU killer is my favorite CPU stress tool.

Real Temp has two downsides. It only supports Intel processors, and only displays temperatures in degrees Celsius.

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Real Temp

  1. jack 14 years ago

    hmm, thanks especially for the link to speedfan, as at least that works with my P4 Celeron… the error I get with RealTemp is:
    “The processor detected is not supported. GenuineIntel”…
    it would be funny if it weren’t true!

    CPUz reports the following:
    DMI Processor
    manufacturer GenuineIntel
    model Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 1.80GHz
    clock speed 1800.0 MHz
    FSB speed 100.0 MHz
    multiplier 18.0x

  2. Frank 13 years ago

    Same error message here with RealTemp. Does not work with Pentium 4.

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