Submitted by Jeff Botts

Purgos is an agent based, desktop management software that supports remote control of Windows PCs. It uses WMI for software and hardware inventory, and VNC for remote management.

Unfortunately, the original author has recently EOLed the project. But this tool is so useful I had to post it. It works on all current versions of Windows.

Michael's update:  Just after I published the article the Purgos website disappeared. The successor, Desktop Management Software  3.1, is  no long free and is now sold by Swift Water Software. For the time being the old free version 3.0 can still be downloaded from 4sysops. I can't make any guarantees!

Here is the description from the (original) Purgos website:

Purgos gives its users complete administrative control over large numbers of computers from a single, easy to use console. Utilizing WMI for computer administration, it has the ability to instantly manage hundreds of NT workstations (Windows 2K3, 2K, XP) and server class operating systems, virtually eliminating the amount of IT work needed to meet the high demands of a thriving business.


Purgos offers a complete solution by providing the ability to:

  • Instantly install and manage software applications to any number of computers
  • Collect and manipulate real time hardware, software, and system information
  • Track the inventory of computers within a network and provide an ownership mechanism
    Schedule or instantly run detailed reports on a wide range of computer information and configurations
  • Remotely control a computer as if physically in front of the computer
  • Execute commands, processes, and batch files on any number of computers
  • Manage a network of computers both locally or from remote locations


  1. Laura 13 years ago

    Desktop management applications are specialized softwares to manage many computers in a very large establishment. But I need a tool like Purgos (mentioned above) for linux.

  2. denny 12 years ago

    Swift Water Software just EOL’ed the DMS software 🙁

  3. Brian Debron 12 years ago

    We also offer a free edition of desktop management software, providing some similar functions to Purgos. It supports both Windows and Linux. If you are interested in it, you can take a look at:


    • Kiesha 3 years ago

      Hi, Brian

      How to get profesional edition of your desktop management software?

  4. Karen Austrin 11 years ago

    Purgos is a nice tool

  5. GoogyGeek 10 years ago

    I moved on to SpiceWorks

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