Sumatra PDF viewer is a free portable PDF reader that requires only 1.647 KB. Since the PDF viewer is a standalone tool, you can run it from a USB stick or on a server where you don't want to install a PDF reader. Another advantage over Adobe's PDF reader is that Sumatra PDF viewer starts up very quickly.

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Free Portable PDF Reader

PDF is ubiquitous and many manuals are in PDF nowadays. It is annoying if you have to configure an application on a user's desktop or on a server where no PDF reader is available.

Sumatra PDF viewer doesn't have all features of the Adobe PDF reader. However, in most cases, you only want to view a PDF file, anyway. The lightweight portable PDF reader has all essential features for this purpose.

You can search, zoom, rotate, and print PDF documents. The free PDF viewer also has a full screen mode, and it can display bookmarks in the sidebar. The latter feature is important because most manuals use the bookmark feature for the table of contents. That way you can switch quickly between different chapters.

Since the Sumatra PDF viewer doesn't have to be installed, you can't open PDF files by just double clicking on them. Thus, you first have to launch the PDF reader, and then open the PDF files from its user interface.

The free portable PDF reader also runs on Windows PE 3.0. I recommend adding Sumatra PDF viewer to your bootable Windows PE flash drive.

Sumatra PDF viewer

  1. Robert Morris 13 years ago

    Another no install non bloated pdf viewer that we have been using successfully for several years is the FOXIT viewer, as the old saying goes I never leave home without it.

  2. Robert, thanks! Here is the link.

  3. RoninV 13 years ago

    I switched from portable Foxit to Sumatra a few months ago because of its smaller footprint.

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