PocketPutty SSH is not really popular in the Windows world. Nevertheless it is a very useful protocol to manage Windows servers remotely. All you have to do is install OpenSSH for Windows on your server. This allows you to remotely connect to a command line interface through a secure connection.

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You know me, I am not a CLI fan, but if I have to manage a server using my Windows Mobile toy it is often the easiest way. The small screen of a Pocket PC is big enough for simple commands. It is no secret that most problems under Windows can be solved with a reboot. If you have a problematic server, it can be quite comforting to know that you can restart the server wherever you are.

If you’ve worked with Putty before, you will immediately feel at home with PocketPutty. The user interface is quite similar, even though it does not have all the features of its big brother. PocketPutty doesn’t have to be installed. You can just copy it to your Windows Mobile device and launch the exe. The download side only offers a version for Windows Mobile 2003. However, I use it with Windows Mobile 6 without problems.


  1. Mark 15 years ago

    Thanks for a very exhaustive review of this nifty new tool! I enjoyed this very insightful post.Thanks!

  2. Andalib Bin Haque 14 years ago

    But what if I don’t use any Windows Mobile? I live in a country where smartphones are for too rich people. What if I’m not rich and I need to use SSH or TELNET on the go. In my country, Bangladesh, most people use low end cellphones with only JAVA games support. I use a Sony Ericsson w200i. I had to find necessary softwares for my mobile phone to use the internet. And I found a wonderful software for any JAVA MIDP supported cellphone. Though it wasn’t designed for my phone, I have no problem using it. It is midpSSH. I found it on http://www.xk72.com/midpssh

    It is not even close to puTTY but emergency is emergency. And when that happens, it serves very well.

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