save-dialog-legacy PlacesBar-Editor PlacesBar Editor is a simple tool that allows you to add shortcuts to all Windows dialogs. Whenever you open or save a file from a Windows application, you will see these shortcuts on the left side of the dialog box in the so-called dialog places bar. Under Windows XP, the shortcuts for My Recent Documents, My Documents, Desktop, My Computer, and My Network are found in this sidebar by default. You can change the links by hacking the Registry. With PlacesBar Editor, it is easier to customize the dialog places bar. It also allows you to add five additional shortcuts for Microsoft Office.

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Favorite-Links This tool supports Windows Vista. One of the countless tiny but awesome Vista features is that you can just drag shortcuts to the new Favorites Links in Windows Explorer. The Windows and Office dialogs usually use the same favorites now. This is certainly easier than with PlacesBar Editor. However, there are legacy apps that still use the old dialog places bar. PlacesBar Editor can be used to reduce your daily click orgies significantly, if you configure these shortcuts wisely.

Vista’s Favorite Links can’t be configured via Group Policy in Windows Vista the way it was possible with the dialog places bar of Windows XP. The Favorite Links are just Windows Shortcut (.Ink) files under User_Profile\Links. You can change them network-wide by just copying .lnk files to this folder with a logon script. I also recommend informing end users that they can now change these links themselves. Showing them such little tricks can reduce their media-induced Vista rejection.

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