Some days ago, I reviewed WinPing, a portable ping GUI. Readers have suggested Nirsoft's PingInfoView and PingPlotter. I will have quick look at PingInfoView in this post.

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Like WinPing, PingInfoView is a standalone application requiring no installation. The main difference is that Nirsoft's tool summarizes the host responses in a table instead of continuously displaying each reply separately, like you are used to, from the command line interface.


The advantage of this format is that it allows you to easily monitor multiple hosts. PingInfoView can load the host list from a text file and you can also configure the tool to automatically start pinging a pre-defined list of hosts when you launch it.

PingInfoView Options Whenever a ping fails, the status symbol on the left hand side of the table will turn red. PingInfoView counts the failed and successful pings, shows the last ping time, the ping TTL, the average ping time, and when the last the ping failed or succeeded.

The only thing that I miss is a graphical output of the ping results. WinPing and PingPlotter have this feature. The downside of PingPlotter is that the freeware version can only ping one host at a time. The standard and pro editions have quite a few additional features. It is interesting to know how many different things one can do with the simple ping command.


  1. Michael 14 years ago


    The tool that I am using is Karen’s Net monitor. It is very easy to use and has quite a lot of useful features.
    Check it out at

    Thank you for the great blog!

  2. Yeah Karen’s Net Monitor is nice. I reviewed it a while back.

  3. Oops just saw that I reviewed Karn’s LAN Monitor and not Net Monitor. I will have a look at Net Monitor too.

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