PC Audit is really a very simple tool. But, in some cases, this is just what you need if you want to quickly see an overview of the hardware and installed software on a PC. The tool can also display the running processes. You can save all the data to the clipboard, which allows you to paste the inventory data quickly into any application, or to a text file. I think this latter feature makes PC Audit a useful tool for the helpdesk.

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PC Audit Hardware

At 1MB, PC Audit is small, and it doesn't have to be installed. Thus, you can just send it via email to an end user. Because the tool has no whistles and bells, everyone will know immediately how to export the data.

PC Audit Software

PC Audit can also display product keys of the installed software and also of Windows. However, in my test, the latter only worked on Windows XP but not on Vista and Windows 7. Aside from that, the tool also works fine on the latest Windows version.

PC Audit


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