PAExec lets you run programs on remote Windows servers, without needing to first install something on the remote server.

Submitted by Doug - Website: Power Admin

The launched program can run as a specific user, or as the Local System account.  It can run visibly or silently.  It’s very useful for opening a quick terminal-like session to the server, checking configuration or remotely installing other software. Command-line options can be seen at the PAExec site.

PAexec - Run programs on remote Windows servers

PAexec - Run programs on remote Windows servers

  1. It’s similar to Microsoft’s PsExec utility with a few extra features:
  2. Command line parameters (username/passwords) are scrambled instead of sent in clear text
  3. It can be redistributed by anyone
  4. Has some extra often-requested features like logging, and not deleting a file that is copied to the server


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  1. amit Sharma 4 years ago

    Getting error -6 = PAExec service could not be installed/started on remote server. how to troubleshoot and correct the issue?

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