nspaces is a free Virtual Desktop Manager that allows you to password protect workspaces.

Submitted by Dion Zhu

Virtual desktops are always useful for separating your work into multiple workspaces for more efficiently organizing and managing your work. nSpaces is a virtual desktop manager application to manage multiple workspaces.

Virtual Desktop Manager - nSpaces

Virtual Desktop Manager - nspaces

Open one of workspaces, launch applications separately in each workspace to avoid clutter, make a tag to identify each workspace easily, set a different wallpaper/background color for each workspace, and set hotkeys to perform workspace switching tasks more easily. Unlike many virtual desktop application, nSpaces allows you to password protect your workspaces.

From the system tray, you can access settings, configure spaces, open space switcher and exit nSpaces. To configure properties for each workspace, select nSpaces option from the system tray, and click on a workspace to set your desired settings. The (+) and (-) buttons allow adding and reducing workspaces.

For example, you can add more workspaces by clicking on the (+) button and reduce them from the (-) button. The Label tab allows selecting a custom name for each workspace, whereas, the wallpaper and color tabs allow selecting a custom wallpaper/background color for each workspace.

Likewise, the Hotkey tab can be used to select a custom hotkey for launching nSpaces configurations. The apps tab allow you adding which applications you want to launch on each workspace.


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  1. Soeren P 12 years ago

    nSpaces is very nice even on WinXP. But why o why is the shortcut key Ctrl+Shift+-> or Ctrl+-> or Shift+->?? And I cannot disable the combination…
    I use all those combinations all the time when editing text.

  2. Soeren P 12 years ago

    Oh well. I’m back at sysinternals Desktops

  3. Dion 12 years ago

    Hi Soeren,

    Fixed the bug you mentioned!!

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