NetWrix-Services-Monitor NetWrix Services Monitor is a new free tool that allows you to monitor the services of multiple servers. When a service fails, NetWrix Services Monitor will either restart the service or reboot the computer. The tool can also be configured to send alerts by email to an administrator.

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What I like about the tool is that one doesn't have to configure which service has to be monitored. NetWrix Services Monitor simply monitors all automatic startup services which makes the tool very easy and fast to set up. If you have a couple of unstable servers, you just have to add their names to the list of machines to be monitored. The number of servers that can be monitored is unlimited.

Keep in mind that the tool doesn't monitor running services that are set to manual startup, and have been launched by an application or another service. If you want to monitor those services, as well, you have to configure them as automatic startup services.

The tool uses the same credentials for all servers. This is okay as long as you only want to monitor servers in a Windows domain, but can be a problem if you have to monitor servers from different domains.

NetWrix Services Monitor probes servers every ten minutes. It is not possible to configure this time interval. Be careful with the reboot feature. If one of the automatic startup services always fails when the server boots up, the computer will reboot in an endless loop.

There is a commercial version of NetWrix Services Monitor. However, it has no additional features. The only difference is that NetWrix offers technical support for paying customers.

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NetWrix Services Monitor

  1. Avatar
    RoninV 15 years ago

    I’ve been giving this app a trial run over the last week, but I cannot say whether it works. It has yet to report a service failure, which may/may not be a good thing. It doesn’t report the “stopping” of a service. I have Backup Exec on one server (W2k3), and during backups, Backup Exec is configured to “stop” a particular service, but then restart the service after the backup has completed (70+ minutes). Netwrix is configured to send an alert only. Though the service is of the automatic variety, this Netwrix app has never sent an alert regarding the “stopped” service.

  2. Avatar
    Michael 15 years ago

    I work for NetWrix and found this topic recently. I have to acknowledge this tool is quite new and we may still have some issues with it. Althouth freeware and we don’t officially support it, I would encourage you to submit a support ticket and our engineers will take a look and try to fix or suggest something. Here is our support URL:

  3. Avatar
    RoninV 15 years ago

    Dropped the inquiry on the free forums. Submitted a support ticket as well, though it’s not clear whether such applies to the freeware versions. Thanks.

  4. Avatar
    Michael 15 years ago

    Thank you! I will make sure it will be taken care of.

  5. Avatar
    RoninV 15 years ago

    I stopped using this because, it failed to acknowledge automatic services that stop, which is a listed part of its feature set. I have to get a feedback from NetWrix, though they acknowledge that they would look into it 1+ months ago. I will definitely give DreamSys Server Monitor a try.

  6. Avatar
    Michael 15 years ago

    Ronin, I checked with our support guys, they told me that your ticket is still awaiting your response. Did you get their e-mail?

  7. Avatar
    RoninV 15 years ago

    Right, NetWrix Support asked that I forward the “Tracing/nsm.log” file on 5/13/09, which I did. Apparently, NetWrix support did not receive it, so I sent it again on 5/18/09.

  8. Avatar
    Bilal 8 years ago

    Is there any way to use this tool on multiple domains?

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