NetWrix Privileged Account Manager is a free password manager that maintains and protects the privileged user accounts in Active Directory, servers and other systems that are commonly used by multiple members of an IT department to manage hardware devices, servers or applications.

Submitted by Stephen Schimmel

NetWrix Privileged Account Manager (offered as a standalone or as a part of NetWrix Identity Management Suite) provides a secure web-based portal for accessing and automatic maintenance of administrative user accounts, thus ensuring that all privileged user accounts are routinely updated with strong and secure passwords.

Free Password Manager - NetWrix Privileged Account Manager

Free password manager NetWrix Privileged Account Manager

The idea is very simple, and very effective—Privileged Account Manager enforces secure role-based access to all privileged accounts, requiring all authorized users to “check out” passwords before using them, and check them back in once they are finished. All check out and check in actions are audited to track the real identity (person’s name) of every shared admin user (such as "Administrator" and "root") at any given moment of time, providing a complete audit trail of who accessed what, when and where.

NetWrix Privileged Account Manager - Accounts folder

NetWrix Privileged Account Manager - Accounts folder

Additionally, the free password manager automatically changes privileged passwords at specified intervals (for example, every 90 days) and synchronizes them on the target systems (e.g. updates service and scheduled task credentials), thus ensuring that all passwords are routinely changed and safe from being too widely known.

The password management tool is useful for all IT departments that rely on privileged identity accounts to manage their IT infrastructures, as it ensures that these accounts are safe from the costly harmful security breaches that shared accounts are often otherwise vulnerable to.

As is the case with most NetWrix products, this product is available in both freeware and commercial editions.

NetWrix Privileged Account Manager


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