If you need a simple tool to monitor disk space on servers or workstations, NetWrix Disk Space Monitor might be the solution you are looking for.
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The installation of NetWrix Disk Space Monitor is done in under a minute. If you register on the NetWrix website, you get a license for free. The configuration form is pretty straightforward: you enable the monitor and you add the servers or workstations you want to keep an eye on. If you have to monitor many computers, you can also import a list of computers. A small readme help file explains how to choose the devices you want to monitor.

NetWrix Disk Space Monitor configuration screen

NetWrix Disk Space Monitor configuration screen

You can gather the data from the following sources:

  • Entire servers (just enter server name and all drives will be checked)
  • UNC paths (syntax is \\servername\share-name)
  • Individual drives (syntax is servername\c:)
  • Mount points (syntax is servername\c:\foldername\mount-point-name)
  • Excluded drives file (edit the file to omit certain drives)

After you add the sources, you have to choose if you want to monitor by space usage or by percentage. The generated notifications can be sent to one or more email addresses, which you separate by commas. The last configuration step you have to go through is to enter the SMTP server settings and apply the settings. You'll then be prompted to enter the credentials of the user that will scan the computers (this user needs to be admin, of course).

You can verify the settings before saving the configuration. After that, the tool will send a test email to make sure everything is working fine. A common problem with SMTP servers is that the antivirus software blocks the application because it is seen as a mass-mailing threat.

NetWrix Disk Space Monitor report screen of all monitored drives

NetWrix Disk Space Monitor report screen of all monitored drives

This whole process creates a scheduled task, which you can customize and adjust to your needs. By default, the task will send a report at 3 A.M. If you check the “Send notifications in realtime” box, the task will run every 10 minutes. The “Generate…” button directly displays an HTML report so you don’t have to wait for the monitor to send you the file.

NetWrix Disk Space Monitor low free disk space report screen

NetWrix Disk Space Monitor low free disk space report screen

In conclusion, this tool is not for you if you need to monitor a lot of drives with different size limits, because that option is missing. But if you just need a global overview of your network’s drives, it performs well and is very easy to set up.

NetWrix Disk Space Monitor

  1. L3Nix 11 years ago

    I went to the provided link and filled out the forms. I then checked my email and activated it so I could download it.
    So my problem is, once I start to run it, I’m prompted with a couple fields, company name, users, and serial number. I’m not looking at the program at this moment but I’m sure it says serial number.

    In the email they gave me, they did provide these numbers that appear to be a serial number, but they don’t work when I tried.

    I could be over looking something. I only spent 2 minutes with it. Any suggestings? Thanks

  2. Author
    Vince 11 years ago

    When you click the download link in your email, you will get to a web page that gives you your serial number for free activation.

    You just need to look on the web page where you download and not in the emails.

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