NetWorxNetWorx is a nifty free traffic and bandwidth monitoring tool. It supports usage reporting, speed metering, quotas, graphical netstat (current network connections), trace route, and ping. The tool comes in a portable version that can be easily run on a PC if users suspect odd things are happening to their computers. The tool also has some features that could prove useful in a server environment.

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NetWorx places itself in the systray from where all its tools can be easily reached. The following is a brief introduction to each function.

Show Graph

NetWorx-Graph This feature displays a tiny graph that shows the current download and upload speed. The window can be configured to stay on top of windows and its opacity can be set. It is also possible to display a small version of the graph in the systray or taskbar.

Speed Meter

NetWorx-Speed-Meter Speed Meter measures the network throughput for user-specified periods of time. It displays the average transfer rate, the maximum transfer rate, and the total data transferred.

Usage Reports

NetWorx-Usuage-Reports Usage Reports provide an overview of the received, sent, and total data. It also includes daily, weekly, and monthly reports. NetWorx can display the hourly download and upload rates. The Dialup Session Reports are useful for mobile users. All reports can be exported to Excel, CSV, RTF, HTML, or TXT format.


NetWorx-Quota NetWorx allows daily, weekly, and monthly traffic quotas to be defined. It is possible to distinguish between quotas from on-peak and off-peak hours. NetWorx will display a message whenever you reach a configurable percentage of the quota. However, it does not disconnect the network if the quota has been exceeded.


NetWorx-Notifications The notification settings can be used to drop a dial-up connection if a certain amount of data has been exceeded in a configurable time period. Moreover, NetWorx allows any command to be run when the configured data transfer rate (all network interfaces) exceeds the specified threshold. This feature can also be used to disconnect the network under certain conditions. NetWorx can launch a dial-up connection whenever the computer starts up.

Trace Route / Ping

NetWorx-Ping This simple trace route tool stores the last hosts entered. It is a nice alternative to the command line utility tracert. This graphical ping tool allows you to configure the timeout and the number of requests. It stores the last tested host in the same way as the TraceRoute utility.


NetWorx-NetStat NetStat is a graphical alternative to the netstat command line tool. It displays all applications that have open network connections or are listening. It shows the remote addresses and the ports. The advantage over the command line tool is that the list can be updated automatically. NetWorx NetStat also allows users to terminate connections.

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  1. RoninV 14 years ago

    This sounds great, especially the portableness (is that a word) of it. Any usage reviews by 4sysops contributors?

  2. Have been using it myself for months now. It will be one of the tools that will survive when I upgrade to Windows 7.

  3. edward 10 years ago

    hey I know this is from 09 but I just started to use this and I have 80bg sent out in a day.. what is this. does this mean I got a “sniffer” or Trojan stealing my shit?

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