LAN Speed Test Lite is a free network performance test tool that allows you to measure the upload and download time from a network share, together with the corresponding speeds in megabits per second (Mbps).
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LAN Speed Test Lite is a very simple network performance test utility that doesn’t have to be installed. You can simply launch it from your USB stick and then measure the upload and download speed for a network share of your choice. After you click Start Test, you can configure the size of the file you want to use for the test.

The tool will then display the time it took to complete the task, the bits per seconds, the bytes per second, and the Mbps. If you enable Log Window, LAN Speed Test Lite will show the test results in a text format that you can copy to the clipboard and forward to a colleague or store for future reference.

LAN Speed Test Lite

LAN Speed Test Lite

You will notice that the upload and download speed will vary. If you test in a LAN with symmetric transfer speeds, the difference in network performance indicates that other factors play a role in the measurement.

If you assume that no other applications claimed bandwidth during the test, your storage system was most likely responsible for the differences. Most storage technologies can read faster than they can write. Other factors, such as CPU load or memory shortage, can affect your performance test as well.

Of course, quite a few more sophisticated network performance test tools exist. The advantage of LAN Speed Test Lite is that it is free and portable. Thus, whenever you have issues with network shares (for example, when a large user profile takes ages to download), you can quickly rule out or confirm that bandwidth issues caused the problem.

LAN Speed Test is also available as a commercial version, but the price of $6 is hardly worth mentioning. This comparison table lists the additional features. One difference with the paid edition is that you have to install LST Server on your server. This allows you to enter the IP address of the server instead of the network share name. The Lite version also supports the entry of an IP address; however, if LST Server is not running on the server side, you will get a corresponding error message. Some of the other additional features, such as the support of simultaneous multiple streams and continuous mode or the option to bypass write caching, are perhaps more interesting.

LAN Speed Test (Lite)


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