Network Infrastructure Change Reporter is a network device auditing and reporting tool that tracks changes to all network devices and their settings.

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Network Infrastructure Change Reporter is a network device discovery and auditing tool, which is very similar to all other NetWrix Change Reporter products (offered standalone or as a part of NetWrix Change Reporter Suite). This product scans specified IP ranges for network devices, discovers new devices, reports disappeared devices, and more importantly audits network devices for configuration changes, such as changes in device parameters, routing tables, permissions, firewall rules and everything else exposed through SNMP protocol and device-specific MIB files.

Network Device Discovery - NetWrix Infrastructure Change Reporter

The idea is very simple—it just looks at the available MIB files (many of them are included in the product installation and you can also import MIB files specific to your devices) and polls the managed devices periodically (once a day by default) to see what settings have changed and reports the changes detected since the last scan. The tool is invaluable in diagnosing device issues caused by recent changes (e.g. if you colleague changed something important and forgot to tell this to others – by this Change Reporter will tell you that next morning). It's also great for automatic documentation of network changes and can be used to perform security and compliance audits.

Networ Device Discovery - NetWrix.Infrastructure Change Reporter - Reports

The reports are sent automatically by e-mail to specified recipients. You can customize the reports by including or excluding certain types of changes (e.g. exclude some config settings that change too frequently and have no relevance to you).

As is the case with most NetWrix products, this product is available in both freeware and commercial editions. The free version only supports audit archiving and reporting for two days (today and yesterday).

Network Infrastructure Change Reporter


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