NetLimiter-2-Monitor NetLimiter Monitor is a simple tool that allows you to monitor applications that have open Internet connections. I tested version 2.0.10. The Explorer-like interface shows all applications together with their processes. The transfer rates are displayed for each application's process, separately.

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This can be useful if a program launches other apps. In such cases, you often don’t really know which application actually connects to the Internet. A typical example is the notorious svchost.exe. NetLimiter Monitor displays the PID of each process which you can use to track down the real culprit with   Process Explorer or Process Monitor.

If an application connects to multiple IPs, NetLimiter Monitor displays each of them and the amount of data transferred in both directions. It is interesting to see how many different hosts can be contacted once you open a common web page. If you monitor your web browser with NetLimiter while opening, you will see that more than 20 hosts have assembled a web page.

There is a Lite ($16.95) and a Pro ($29.95) version of NetLimiter which allow you set download or upload transfer rate limits for applications, connections or groups of them.

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NetLimiter Monitor

  1. Jackie 15 years ago

    in the last paragraph you said we have to pay for NetLimiter, but the title you said it’s free.

  2. Jackie, there are three editions of a Netlimiter. One is free, and the other two are commercial tools.

  3. Ryan O'Dwyer 15 years ago

    In the same category is TrafficShaperXP, it will show you the bandwidth consumed by each open tcp/udp connection on the computer, and allow for limiting of bandwidth to local or remote sites in the free version

  4. Jackie 15 years ago

    I see. Hello, Michael, will you allow me to translate part of your articles into Chinese? Of course I will link back to your original article.

  5. Nenad Veljanovski 13 years ago

    Hello Michael,
    I got NetLimiter 2 Monitor, and there is “system” process which is downloading constantley 0.12 KB, and in 24 hours I got like 42MB Down and 10MB Upload traffic. Is that any problem, what is that process for and how can I terminate it? Thanks alot.

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