My_7PE is a batch script that allows you to create a Windows 7-based Windows PE 3.0 boot CD or USB flash drive (UFD) without requiring the Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK). My_7PE can either use the install.wim file from the Windows 7 installation DVD or Windows RE that is available on every PC where Windows 7 is installed.

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Windows 7 PE - My_7PE

My_7PE comes as a self-extractable RAR file that contains the batch script and a couple of tools. To create a bootable Windows 7 PE CD or UFD, you have to launch My_7PE.cmd with administrator privileges. The script guides you through several self-explanatory steps. If you want to know what the script is doing in more detail, look at the My_7PE readme.

The script halts at critical points, which allows you to add your own files during the Windows 7 PE creation process. For instance, you could add some drivers to the WIM file or some tools to the boot medium.

Windows 7 PE - My_7PE -  Start

At the end of the process, you have to decide whether you want to create an ISO file, which you can burn on a CD or a UFD. My_7PE can format the flash drive either with FAT32 or NTFS, or it can just leave the file system and its contents intact. The Windows PE creator tool can also add a boot manager (Grub4Dos or PloP) to the UFD.

Windows 7 PE - My_7PE - Create ISO / UFD

The Windows 7 PE that My_7PE creates has a full-blown Windows desktop. You probably know that the Windows PE 3 from the WAIK only has a command line interface. The My_7PE version comes with a Start Menu, a taskbar, Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer, Control Panel tools, and a few utilities. As such, it is a modern version of UBCD4Win. As mentioned above, you can also add your own tools during the creation process.

The network only worked after I launched the PE Network Manager that comes with My_7PE. In theory, you can also configure WiFi with this tool, but Windows PE didn't detect my WIFI network card. I suppose it was a driver issue.

The nice thing about My_7PE is that if you launch it from a UFD you can just add new rescue tools on the fly. This is comparable to my rescue disk solution, although My_7PE is certainly much more sophisticated and the Windows PE installation it creates is almost as comfortable as Windows 7.

If you realize that you need a new tool during your rescue mission, you can download it with Internet Explorer and add it to your UFD by dragging it to PStart, which comes with My_7PE. This allows you to use these tools also from a common Windows installation when you insert your rescue stick.

Note that at Boot Land there is a discussion going on whether My_7PE contains viruses because some scan engines at VirusTotal triggered an alarm. As far as I could see, the alarms were based on heuristics, which makes it quite likely that they were false positives.

Also note that at the time of this writing My_7PE only works on Windows 7 x86; that is, you can't create a 64-bit Windows 7 PE with it.

My_7PE (Update: The download link is no longer valid. Please let me know if you found the new link.)

Disclaimer: Readers have posted download links to My_7PE in the comment section.  I cannot guarantee that the files are virus free.

  1. Richard Cory Jung 13 years ago

    re: broken My_7PE download link

    I found a working link:

  2. Marek 13 years ago

    How do i add software to it ?

  3. Larick 13 years ago

    Your issue is the PXE boot for Dell Latitude E’s it can be funny, read on it at the Dell forums or the Google.

  4. kantzy 13 years ago


    I have added all the network drivers from and seems like it is working now:)

  5. TNO 13 years ago

    How about an image of windows7 and other applications for a non domain networks,( an OU).Is there a format or solution to do image,and Not using Ghost?

  6. ShenYL 13 years ago

    What about having Backup/restore software running from the PE environment – such as the ToDo Backup, SelfImage, Partition saving 3.90. I have use them in the past by creating full running XP on USB HDD to backup /restore my various notebooks. Can you help to advice how to do this on the Win7PE?

  7. Alan 12 years ago reports that the file has been removed due to a violation of some kind. Got another link?

  8. Jon 12 years ago

    I found My_7PE.exe (self extracting RAR), but found 8 viruses, although my Kaspersky didn’t find any. The 8 could have been false positives.

  9. Brandon 12 years ago

    Awesome tool! The PNP utility doesn’t load the system devices on startup though. Is there any virtual system utility that will load system devices on startup?

  10. Ken 12 years ago

    Mike just thought you should know that it is tough to find a down load site for this. One site has it removed for policy reasons. The other links are blocke on my end as hacker sites. Can you get on a site like two cows or one of the other reputable down load sites?

  11. Michael 12 years ago

    This seems brilliant, something msft should have done in the first place. How can not have found a download site for it?

  12. Michael 12 years ago

    Okay, found the link to Mike Dopp’s skydrive.!938

    Jon had posted it, along with virus worries. This is a valid source (unless Dopp is The Fiend in disguise).

    The date on this version is 9-16-10. Is there a later version?

    Again, thanks for the work. If this performs as advertised, it is sliced bread v. 10.0

  13. Lars Kjelstrup 12 years ago


    I tryed your script on a dansih version of win 7. But the UFD never boots onto the win7 desktop as shown in your picture. Defining the language is the first bootscreen and then it starts system restore.
    Can you tell me what im doing wrong?

  14. Noone Special 12 years ago

    A much better solution is to use “Make_PE3”. I believe it’s made by the same guys. It offers the same ability to make a fully bootable Windows 7 environment without the WAIK. This version allows you the ability to add drivers, modify registry entries before creation, and much much more.

    Download Link:

  15. Lars Kjelstrup 12 years ago

    Thankyou for the infomation, i will try that.

  16. Dayman 12 years ago

    Having problems finding a site that has the Win7PE script, on all I look at it has been deleted?
    Please advise where it is available.

  17. BiN4RY 12 years ago

    I found the file buried deep in my old hard drive and reuploaded it:

  18. joe 12 years ago

    Well, great. I installed the app. It want6s me to select an installation file. WTF?????????????? I just want to create a PE disk. Can’t this do that? can’t I just click a button that says “create PE disk”?????

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