Mobile PC Monitor is a free mobile monitoring tool that empowers admins to monitor servers with smartphones running iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8, and Blackberry.

Submitted by Paul Csiki

Mobile PC Monitor is an innovative solution for monitoring and managing your servers using a securely encrypted mobile app that gives you total control of your systems from anywhere, anytime. The free mobile monitoring tool allows you to send commands, view and send files via email, watch hardware sensors, check the event log and many more features.

Mobile PC Monitor has a Windows dashboard application and a web interface that provides quick access to the current status of each monitored asset.

Mobile PC Monitor requires an agent to be installed on each computer you plan to monitor. The agent comes with a highly configurable user interface that will let you shape the mobile client’s functionality the way you want.

Mobile PC Monitor

Mobile PC Monitor configuration

Plugins, Cloud instances and APIs

Because every company likes to implement their own monitoring applications, Mobile PC Monitor offers an API that allows you to add custom features.

Plugins are inserted right into the Mobile PC Monitor agent you have to install on each computer. Cloud Instances are your own applications that use the Cloud API. You can add mobile monitoring to your applications with only 10 lines of code.

The free version of Mobile PC Monitor allows you to monitor only five servers. The commercial version offers additional modules for Active Directory, IIS, Hyper-V, VMware, Exchange, and SQL Server.

Pros and Cons

ExtensibilityOnly free for three servers
Supports Windows, Mac, Linux, CloudRequires an agent on each server
Easy to configureDoes not permit multiple accounts

Mobile PC Monitor


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