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Manage-PC I couldn't live without this marvelous little tool. Take any machine in any AD domain and it will display a plethora of data about it as well as letting you control services, uninstall software, create scheduled tasks as well run standard stuff like MMC consoles, VNC etc. For such a small application it's amazing how many features are packed into it.

From the publisher’s site:

ManagePC is an open source .NET application for PC management in Windows environments.

Using ManagePC you can inventory all aspects of PCs on your domain including:

  • Hardware
  • Services
  • Software
  • Hot-Fixes
  • Processes
  • Local Users and Groups
  • Group Policies
  • Codecs
  • ....and much more

Manage PC also lets you take control of PCs through familiar interfaces. Use remote desktop, VNC, reboot, start/stop services, uninstall software and more directly from the ManagePC interface.

Michael’s note:
Just in case you wonder how you can launch the tool after you installed it. You have to navigate to its program folder (C:\Program Files\ManagePC) and launch the executable (ManagePC.exe). The author forgot to add a link to the program in the Start Menu).

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  1. Migration Expert Zone 13 years ago

    Excellent find! How does this compare with the inventory tools found in, say, Microsoft’s Assessment and Deployment Toolkit? Or are they really apples and oranges?

  2. Ginolard 13 years ago

    Looks like the shortcut issue has been fixed 😉

  3. RoninV 13 years ago

    Though there are so many inventory tools out there, this one allows for control of the remote computer as well. Will definitely give it a look, once I get feedback from its website, regarding its portability.

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