Lepide User Management allows you to quickly reset a password remotely on a single computer.
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A few days ago, I reviewed the Password Assistant tool, which allows you to change the administrator password on multiple computers. Lepide User Management has another purpose. The free password reset tool is mostly useful in networks where users have local accounts—for instance, on laptops and tablets.

Remote Password Reset - Lepide User Management

You can use the utility to reset the password on one remote computer only. However, Lepide User Management has a feature that can be helpful in some usage scenarios. The free password reset tool can also list available user accounts on remote computers.

Password tools that are for managing multiple computers usually don't have this feature because the available user accounts can differ from machine to machine. But sometimes you don't know the user names on the remote computer where you want to reset a password.

Of course, you can always find this out with other tools, such as Windows Computer Management. You can also use the Windows tool to reset the password remotely. However, if you have to do this often you will be faster with Lepide User Management simply because you need fewer clicks to get the job done.

You just have to launch the tool. You can then browse right away for available computers in your network. Once you have selected the target computer, you can list the available user names on that machine.

If you are logged on to a domain controller, Lepide User Management will use these credentials for authentication on the remote computer. Another advantage compared to the Computer Management tool is that you can also specify alternative credentials.

The free tool then allows you to reset the password of a specific user account. You can also enable an account—for instance, when the user has entered the wrong password too often. Disabling remote accounts is possible as well.

Lepide User Management

  1. Abhishek 12 years ago

    Recently my exams were going on n i am very much addictive to pc. So, i changed my password(with any random alphabets) but by mistake i created a restore point after changing the password. After exams, when i tried to reopen my pc using a restore cd. It didn’t worked. I even tried 2 reinstall window 7 using DVD, but no success… Whenever i insert any of the disc and try to boot an error occurs, “windows unable to start” any again send me back to login page asking password!
    NEED YOUR EARLIST HELP!!! Any guy with super tech mind n knowledge. Plz… Help!!!

  2. Abhishek, why don’t you use a earlier restore point? You can also reset the administrator password.

  3. Marie 12 years ago

    Mike, Thanks for that. I found one very interesting feature after your article. Users can authorize other Users to reset or change passwords on their behalf. Thats a very cool one!


  4. Marie 12 years ago

    I was referring to Lepide’s ADSS in my above comment


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