Joulemeter is a free computer power consumption calculator from Microsoft Research that allows you to measure the power utilization of laptops, desktops, and servers.
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Oil prices are moderate at the moment, which explains why people have become silent about green IT lately. Nevertheless, IT certainly has its share in the worldwide CO2 emissions. Thus, when you are going to deploy new Windows 7 computers in your organization, you might consider leveraging the operating system's powerful power management capabilities.

Computer power consumption calculator - Joulemeter

Joulemeter can help you here because it gives you an idea how much power different computer components consume in your environment and how the sleep times influence the overall power consumption in the long run.

Joulemeter determines the power consumption of the base system, the CPU, the disk, and the monitor. While you use the computer, you can see how much power each of these components requires. Joulemeter calculates the computer's total and average power consumption and estimates the consumed energy and the corresponding CO2 emissions.

By default, Microsoft's computer power consumption calculator relies on generic power usage assumptions, based on typical usage of the type of the computer (laptop, desktop). You will get more accurate data if you calibrate Joulemeter first.

Computer power consumption calculator - Joulemeter Calibration

For laptops, when the battery is at least 75% charged, you have to disconnect the power cord and then start the Joulemeter calibration tool, which you can find through Start Search. To calibrate the tool for desktops and servers, you need a "Watts up?" meter that measures the actual power consumption of your system for 30 minutes.


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  1. James 12 years ago

    For more of the hardware side of calculations, use the IT Carbon and Power Consumption Calculator. That combined with your trick should help cut consumption costs.

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