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With JiJi Self Service Password Reset(JSSPR), end-users now have the ability to securely reset their own Active Directory passwords without having to involve highly technical helpdesk professionals. JSSPR lowers end-user downtime, end-users no longer have to wait for a member of the helpdesk staff to reset their forgotten or lost password.

JiJi Self Service Password Reset is free up to 50 users.

Jiji Self Service Password Reset

New in version v6.0.5.0:

  • Pass through authentication for the self service users
  • Reports for Failed Attempts during reset password & unlock account included
  • Password Policy is applied during Password Reset operation
  • Report information is shown in Print Preview page
  • Report description is shown in scheduled report
  • Password policy is shown to the user during change & reset password actions
  • Password expiration date warning is shown for JiJi Self Service windows service account in Admin Web

JiJi Self Service Password Reset

  1. seth 13 years ago

    i need help i for got all my password to myloptop

  2. Maymay 11 years ago

    this is a superb way to reset the password automatically…..this tool works great…..and this tool is value for money….

  3. Sam Praveen 11 years ago

    I have used the older version of JiJi Self Service Password Reset and also newer version. Comparing to the older version they have cleared lots of bugs

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