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From the publisher:

JavaRa is a simple (portable) tool that does a simple job: it removes old and redundant versions of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE).


Usually older versions of programs are removed during the install of new versions but Sun (the owner of Java) has somehow decided not to do this. The result is that a number of different versions of the JRE may exist on your computer. These older versions potentially pose a threat to your sense of security due to the possible vulnerabilities or security holes that may exist in them.

In some instances Java Runtime Environment (JRE) will create logs or temporary files which are not needed in normal circumstances. These files take up space and can be safely removed. JavaRa does this tedious job for you with one click of a button.


JavaRa supports a growing number of command line parameters.

-runsilent, --runsilent, -r (lets JavaRa run silently in the background)
--purgefiles, -p. (lets JavaRa remove useless files)
--removeSDM. (lets JavaRa remove the Sun Download Manager)

Michael’s note:

JavaRA appears to work on Windows 7. Since JavaRA is a standalone tool, you can use it to check user PCs quickly.

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