Hyper-V Monitor GadgetYou don’t work with Hyper-V? This might change soon. Then you probably would like to have Hyper-V Monitor, a tiny gadget for the Vista sidebar. It displays the status of all your Hyper-V virtual machines. It supports multiple Hyper-V servers and you can also use it to connect to a virtual machine.

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For this, you have to install the Hyper-V Manager for Vista SP1 first. Then you have to tell Hyper-V monitor where VMConnect.exe is located. Usually, it is under C:\Programs\Hyper-V. Note that only a double click on a virtual machine will establish a connection. I first tried it with a single click because the mouse pointer changes to a finger when you move over the VM.

It also seems to me that the tool is a bit buggy. I got a couple of script errors while configuring it. But once everything was configured it worked flawlessly.

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Hyper-V Monitor Gadget

  1. Tore Lervik 15 years ago

    You don’t need to install Hyper-V Manager for it to work 😉
    It’s just needed if you want to use the vmconnect function.

    Cheers =)

  2. Tore Lervik 15 years ago

    I just wanted you to know that my sidebar gadget has just been released as version 3.0!

    The latest release includes the new VM Control feature that lets you control the VM’s directly from the gadget.
    It’s worth checking out 😉

    Read more over at http://torelervik.net/post/Hyper-V-Monitor-Gadget-for-Windows-Sidebar.aspx

  3. Hi Tore, it is really a nice tool! You might consider adding a feature that allows us to monitor CPU usage. I just posted a short note about the new version.

  4. Tore Lervik 15 years ago

    Cpu-usage is’t something i can pull out of the WMI API as far as i know :\

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