Group Manager allows end users to manage group membership for any groups that they are assigned as the manager of in Active Directory.

Submitted by Chris Wright - Website: CJWDEV

If you have ever assigned a user or group as the manager of a security/distribution group in Active Directory, you may have noticed the option "Manager can update membership list" which grants the user permission to add and remove members from this group. The only problem with this is that there is no easy way for the user to actually make these changes, other than through Microsoft Outlook.

Active Directory Group Membership - Group Manager

So Group Manager was designed to be an easy to use tool for end users to add and remove users/contacts/groups to any groups that they are managers of, for any organizations that do not have (or do not want to use) Microsoft Outlook for this task. It will also be useful for any organizations that are using Outlook but are using a hosted Exchange solution, as end users will usually not be able to make changes to the local domain through Outlook in this scenario.

Group Manager is aimed at end users and as such is easy to use and does not require any configuration at all, it will automatically detect the current user's username and find any groups in Active Directory that they are assigned as the manager of. It will also find any groups that the user is a manager of via group membership (i.e. the user is a member of a group that is assigned as the manager of another group). The user can then view and export the current membership list of the group and add or remove members.

Active Directory Group Member - Group Manager - Members

This free edition of Group Manager is aimed at smaller organizations where a user will only be the manager of a single group and where settings will not need to be controlled via Group Policy. If the user is a manager of more than one group they will only see the first group found (the standard edition supports unlimited groups and settings that can be configured by GPO). Hopefully the free edition will still be useful in several organizations.

Group Manager

  1. Gary Z 5 years ago

    is the group manager product still available.

    i have tried asking a few questions via the site but get no feedback.

    also, some forums have recently made mention that they have not received the licence keys for the paid version.

    it would be great if this sysops group knew any definitive info on this



  2. @Gary
    What’s your need?
    Do you already own the product or are you searching for similar features?

  3. Stéphane St-Denis 4 years ago


    I am also looking for a similar tool I could provide to “unit manager”, to allow them to simply:

    (1) create/delete users

    (2) assign users to existing groups.

    Does this application provide these features, or would you suggest another one?


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