FREE: FTPUse – FTP client for the Windows command line

FTPUse is a free FTP client for Windows 7, Vista and XP that allows you to map active and passive FTP connections on the command line.

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Submitted by Ferro Software

FTPUse enables you to easily map your FTP server folder as a drive on your Windows PC. After a drive is mapped, the drive letter that you assigned during the mapping appears in Windows Explorer and command-line console. The drive functions just like local hard drives and is available to Windows and all installed programs.


The FTPUSE command syntax is similar to NET USE syntax, as follows:

FTPUSE devicename [ftphostname[/remotepath] [password]]

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  1. avatar zaur says:

    Please help.
    I want to connect through ftp to my external hdd witch I connect to tuner (tuner user:root,password:relook).

    d:\program files\ftpuse.exe z:
    Login incorrect

    please help where I must to put login and write the line exactly. Thank you very much

  2. avatar Ovidiu U says:

    zaur, use this:
    ftpuse Z: relook /USER:root

  3. avatar Fanch95 says:

    Error message on vista business :
    C:\Windows\system32>ftpuse z: /PORT:1192 /USER:anonymous
    Disk driver: Can’t install driver

  4. avatar Fanch95 says:

    Edit: after restarting OS , connexion is ok.

    But the refresh key on explorer don’t work correctly

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